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Hunza traditional soup recipe

Hunza Traditional soup recipe

Traditional Hunza soup is made with homemade noodles and is locally known as Chapchy dowdo. It is the most special soup made during winters in Hunza. Chap refers to the meat which includes mutton or beef but never chicken. Traditionally this soup is served in a wooden bowl with a wooden spoon.

Hunza Style Quesadilla recipe

Hunza style Quesadilla recipe

Hunza-style quesadilla recipe is a traditional dish recipe locally famous as Burus Sapik, where Burus is a low-fat cheese in Hunza and Sapik refers to the flour tortilla. Burus Sapik comprises a flour tortilla, homemade low-fat cheese, and herb stuffing.  You can make a full burus sapik with two tortillas with a layer of cheese and herb mixture between them. You can make a single serving of Hunza-style quesadilla by using a single tortilla and stuffing it with cheese and herb mixture and folding it into half. Next, drizzle a generousRead More

Hunza Corn Bread

Hunza Corn Bread

In Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral, we have several bread recipes. we make some on special occasions; we make some of them specifically to eat with tea in the morning and evening. We make others with curries. Hunza cornbread is one of many bread types which goes well with tea and therefore, is part of our breakfast items. The ingredients for Hunza cornbread I have used are very basic and simple, but we can add more ingredients. We can use milk instead of water to knead and we can also add an egg alongRead More

Hunza Cream of wheat

Hunza Cream of wheat

Hunza Cream of wheat is locally known as Mull, which is an easy to digest porridge made with wheat flour and water. The seasoning our mum would use for this porridge was salt but now younger moms prefer sugar.  The women in Hunza get to eat this for weeks after their delivery. The whole grain wheat flour is considered best for this recipe. Here we are making the sweeter version of mull, but you can make it savory by adding a pinch of salt in the water before adding anyRead More

Clarifying Homemade Butter

Clarifying homemade butter

Livestock is one of the major sources of living in Hunza and therefore consumption of dairy items like homemade butter has common use in most of the traditional dishes we make.  Clarifying homemade butter is time-consuming, and is, therefore, done when we are sending it to someone living far away to avoid the spoilage at varying temperatures while traveling especially in summers. It is also clarified to be used with a traditional porridge locally known as Mull which is made during childbirth and women get to eat this after theirRead More

Hunza Homemade Noodles

Hunza Homemade noodles, Laqsha are used in traditional Chapchy dawdo, tumuru dawdo (Wild thyme soup) which is a famous herbal soup for cold, cough, and flu remedy. Traditionally it was made with organic wheat flour but now we make it with any flour available on hand.  Hunza Homemade Noodles Ingredients Serving: 01 Wheat flour                     1 ½ cups Water                                120ml Salt (optional)                 per taste Directions of Making Hunza Homemade Noodles : Add dry ingredients into a bowlRead More



Shuwanchal is a vegetable that is grown in Hunza and around Gilgit Baltistan from spring to late summers. It is a beautiful leafy vegetable with vibrant green color. Unlike vegetables like Hoi we do not dry this vegetable for winter season. It tastes best when it is stir fried with onion. Shuwanchal looks similar to the wild edible vegetable Malva parviflora  which is a wild edible perennial herb but we grow this variety of vegetable from seeds. We harvest tender green stems with the leaves because they tastes best when harvestRead More

Wild Thyme Soup

Wild Thyme soup

Wild Thyme is known as Tumuru in Burushaski language of Hunza and we use tumuru in winters to make tumuru tea which is the best natural flu remedy I have experienced so far. This wild thyme soup is one of the thyme recipes we make and is known as tumuru dawdo which is beneficial for flu and cold. It is also consumed as a preventive measure against cold in Hunza in the cold winter season. Wild Thyme soup ingredients: Garlic Cloves Wild thyme leaves Mint leaves A tablespoon of cooking oilRead More