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Wild Thyme Soup

Wild Thyme soup

Hunza Thyme,Tumuru Wild Thyme is known as Tumuru in Burushaski language of Hunza and we use tumuru in winters to make tumuru tea which is the best natural flu remedy I have experienced so far. This wild thyme soup is one of the thyme recipes we make and is known as tumuru dawdo which is beneficial for flu and cold. It is also consumed as a preventive measure against cold in Hunza in the cold winter season.

Wild Thyme soup ingredients:

Garlic Cloves
Wild thyme leaves
Mint leaves
A tablespoon of cooking oil
Homemade Flour Noodles
Tumuru Dawdo Ingredients

Wild Thyme Soup cooking Method:

Heat up a tablespoon of oil in a pan. Add chopped garlic cloves and stir till they become fragrant.

Tumuru Dawdo

Then add some water to it.
Caution: Do not overheat the oil because then you will most probably burn the garlic and the soup will taste bitter.

Tumuru Dawdo

Crush some wild thyme leaves on your palm and add them to the pan and let it boil.

Tumuru Dawdo







Season the herbal soup mixture with salt to taste.

Tumuru Dawdo







On boiling of the mixture add the home-made flour noodles to it and let them cook for 5 minutes.adding-laqsha-to-the-boiling-mixturecutting-hunza homade noodles laqsha







  • Caution: If you add a lot of flour to the noodles the soup will thicken before it is cooked, and it will not taste good.
  • If you see noodles have too much flour boil some water in a separate pan and boil them for 2 minutes before adding them to the soup as you do with your regular pasta.

Taste the noodles to check it they are cooked or not and add some freshly chopped mint leaves to the soup a minutes before serving the soup.








Remember it should be soupy meaning you have to add enough water for noodles to be cooked and yet it has enough liquid before serving. The soup tends to get thicken as it cools down or stays for a long time.

Serving Tumuru Soup:

Wild Thyme soup
Wild Thyme soup

We serve the soup right away when it freshly made. We can sprinkle a tablespoon of hooman being the flax seed powder on your soup.

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