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Hunza Cream of wheat

Hunza Cream of wheat

Hunza Cream of wheat is locally known as Mull, which is an easy to digest porridge made with wheat flour and water. The seasoning our mum would use for this porridge was salt but now younger moms prefer sugar.  The women in Hunza get to eat this for weeks after their delivery.

The whole grain wheat flour is considered best for this recipe. Here we are making the sweeter version of mull, but you can make it savory by adding a pinch of salt in the water before adding any flour to it.

Hunza Cream of Wheat (Mull) Ingredients:

Water          4 Cups

Flour             1 Cup

Salt/sugar    Per Taste

Clarified Butter Per Taste

Cooking Hunza Cream of Wheat (Mull):

Pour 4 cups of water into a heavy base pan.

Take out a cup of water from the pan when it reaches the boiling point which we will use later.

Slowing add wheat flour to the hot water and stir it with a rolling pin as demonstrated in the video. You can you a whisk as well.

when done adding the whole flour stir till the mixture starts to pop from the edges. At this stage we add one cup of water that we saved before adding flour in step 2.

Keep the mixture stirring till you get the right consistency.

Dish out the Hunza cream of wheat to a plate or to a bowl and add the clarified butter .

Add sugar after you dish it out and enjoy eating Hunza cream of Wheat.

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