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June, 2017


Chap shoro

Chap shoro/shuro is originally cooked on firewood, chap refers to the meat and shoro/shuro is the resulting product which is formed of ground meat and dough. My observations say that the steamed and small version of chap shuro is dumpling and the deep fried version of chap shuro is kachori.

Homemade Flour tortilla recipe

Hunza Flatbread Khamali is a staple of Hunza cuisine. It is a basic recipe for everyone learning Hunza traditional cooking. Although there are a variety of flatbread traditional dishes but the thin flatbread is the basic one and made at least 3 times a day.

Okra recipe

I am going to share with you the okra recipe. Okra, also known as ladyfinger and bhindi in Urdu. This dish is one of the easiest to put together and takes around 20 minutes. I am cooking okra for two servings and using only a few ingredients on hand but you can always adjust the spices according to your taste. To make this delicious Quick and easy okra recipe we need Okra recipe Ingredients: Okra 1/2 kg Tomatoes Onion Chili powder Green chilies Turmeric Salt Cooking oil Directions: Cut both ends ofRead More