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April, 2017


Brinjal Curry Recipe

Brinjal is an easy-to-make vegetable that is also known as eggplant and baingan in Urdu. Here I will share a simple and quick brinjal curry recipe. It is a spicy baingan recipe that comes out to be a delicious meal. You can make a salad with eggplants and one of my favorite recipes including the Korean eggplant side dish. For this recipe, I am using dark purple eggplants which are readily available with Pakistani vegetable vendors. I am using half kgs of dark purple fleshy eggplants and it serves 4 people. BrinjalRead More

Bitter Gourd Recipe

Bitter gourd also called bitter melon and karela is a unique vegetable-fruit that is a medicinal food. It is good for diabetes. Bitter gourds come in Dark green to light green color and consumed before turning yellow. Here I am sharing the bitter gourd recipe, karela recipe, or how to cook bitter gourd? This will help you learn how to cook bitter gourd and how to reduce the bitterness of the bitter gourd. For two servings of bitter gourd, you need Bitter Gourd Recipe Ingredients Bitter Gourd       Read More

Dates and Nuts slices

Dates and nuts slices recipe is very easy to follow and requires very few ingredients. The steps for this recipe includes mixing ingredients, waiting for few hours to set, cut into slices and then eating. It is a bit messy work. The dates in the ingredients list can not be changed but all other ingredients can be replaced with your favourite types of dry fruits and nuts.

Kidney Beans Curry

Kidney beans curry or Rajma Curry Recipe is a bit time-consuming especially when you do not presoak the beans.  Rajma and rice are one of the favorite dishes of everyone in Pakistan.  We also serve kidney beans curry with Naan or homemade roti. For two servings of kidney beans curry we need: Kidney Beans Curry Ingredients Boiled Beans      1 1/2 cup Tomatoes           4 medium size Onion                  2 medium size Green chilies      4 smallRead More