traditional Hunza breakfast breads
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Traditional Hunza Breakfast Breads

Traditional Hunza Breakfast Breads Hunza breakfast is incomplete without having at latest one of these four Traditional Hunza Breakfast Bread types and the salty tea. Hunza people drink salty tea with ginger and pepper spice. It is a must breakfast drink in Hunza homes with the traditional breakfast breads we make. The Traditional Hunza Breakfast […]

Cornbread Crumbs with Walnut Oil

Cornbread Crumbs with Walnut Oil

Cornbread has two variations. One variation is the thin corn bread locally known as Makai Chapati in Hunza. The second variation is the thick bread known as Makai fiti and is baked in an earthenware pot in hot ashes. Cornbread Crumbs with walnut oil is a great traditional recipe of Hunza for winter season. This dish is locally known as Chamurki in local Hunza language.