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easy sweet recipes


Dates and Nuts slices

Dates and nuts slices recipe is very easy to follow and requires very few ingredients. The steps for this recipe includes mixing ingredients, waiting for few hours to set, cut into slices and then eating. It is a bit messy work. The dates in the ingredients list can not be changed but all other ingredients can be replaced with your favourite types of dry fruits and nuts.

Gajar ka halwa

Gajar ka halwa is the most loved dessert in both India and Pakistan. It is expensive dessert when bought from a bakery. The reason for its high cost is because of the variety of dry fruits used. There is no fix rule for making gajar ka halwa, therefore, we can also make it at home using customized ingredients. You can make it using very few ingredients on hand, since carrots are main ingredient, we cannot compromise on this ingredient however we can adjust the amount of dry fruits and sugar .