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Dates and Nuts slices

These melt in mouth dates and nuts slices recipe is a sweet snack recipe that will satisfy your sweet craving in a single bite. Dates and nuts slices recipe is very easy to follow and requires very few ingredients. The steps for this recipe includes mixing ingredients, waiting for few hours to set, cut into slices and then  to serve. It is a bit messy work. The dates in the ingredients list can not be changed but all other ingredients can be replaced with your favourite types of dry fruits and nuts. when using coconut, make sure it’s dry in case you are making a large batch and plan to store it for a week long because I have noticed fresh grated coconut goes bed when stored.
 Dates and Nuts slices Procedure


Pitted Dates             35
Almonds                   20
Walnuts                    10
Coconut powder   optional

Directions :                                                                                  

Transfer the pitted dates to a blender and make a paste.
Chop the almonds and walnuts and add to the paste
Mix together well and make a lodge of the mixture.
Wrap in a plastic wrap and leave in the fridge for an hour
Unwrap and cut into slices and then enjoy  eating!


These dates and nuts slices can be served as a sweet snack after a meal. Put one slice in your children lunch box and they will love it. You can replace chocolate you buy for children with these dates and nuts slices for numerous health benefits of almonds, walnut and dates.

 Nuts and dates slices

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