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Suji Ki Kheer

Suji ki kheer or semolina dessert is the easiest of all Pakistani dessert recipes.

Recipes of Suji

Suji ka Halwa
There are other desserts also that we make with Sooji or semolina. one such famous dessert is Suii ka halwa, which we make in two different ways, one method gives a grainy texture halwa, and the other method results in a smooth and gooey halwa. For suji ka halwa recipes we use oil almost equal to the amount of semolina we use. therefore, it is an oily dessert.

Sooji ki Firni
Suji ki firni is a no oil dessert that we make using milk. It is a soft dish we make for babies as their first food. We can customize the ingredient and replace sugar with banana and chopped nuts with powdered form.

Gol Gapa
We also use suji to make famous Pakistani street food, pani puri, or gol gappa.

Semolina can be used as an alternative to breadcrumbs to make the crispy crust. Semolina comes in different textures and we are using coarse semolina for making this kheer recipe. For two servings of kheer, I have used the following ingredients. the ingredients can be doubled for 4 servings.

Suji Ki Kheer Ingredients:

Semolina     2 tbsp.
Milk             1 cup
Sugar            1/3 cup
Cardamom  ¼ powder
Almonds      1 tbsp.
Walnuts       1 tbsp.


Soak the semolina for a minute with enough water to submerge the semolina.
Pour the milk into a pan and turn on the flame.
Add the sugar and the cardamom powder into the milk.
Let the sugar dissolve and when the milk mixture starts to bubble then drain the water from the soaked semolina and add to it.
Next, add the nuts of your choice. Here I am using almonds and walnuts.

Note: You can skip the nuts also if you have any kind of allergy.
You can also soak the nuts in water and remove the shell and chop them before adding them to the milk and semolina mixture.


Chil the Suji ki kheer in the fridge before serving and you can also serve it in a clay bowl for a traditional desi touch.

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