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Perfect fluffy white rice recipe

Perfect fluffy white rice recipe

White rice making is the basics of cooking where rice is a staple food.  We use white rice is in dishes such as Biryani and vegetable fried rice. Therefore, knowing the perfect fluffy white rice recipe is key to make these dishes.

The most important part in making rice is choosing the best quality rice and then knowing the cooking time of that rice. Here I am using Basmati rice which I usually use for making Biryani recipes. It requires water double the quantity of rice and when soaked we can skip a quarter of the total quantity of water.

For making this fluffy rice I used 4 ingredients and you can skip only one of these ingredients that is salt. This Perfect fluffy white rice recipe is only for 2 servings.

Perfect fluffy white rice recipe Ingredients:

Basmati Rice     1 1/2 cups

Water                  4 cups

Salt                        per taste

Cooking oil          1tbsp.


Put 4 cups of water into a pan on medium heat and when it is about to boil wash the rice. Wash them well till the water is clear.

When the water starts to boil vigorously then add the washed rice. Add salt as per taste, stir to mix but do not overdo.

When rice is almost 80% done, then drain the water and leave only a tablespoon of water in the pan.

Pour a tablespoon of cooking oil into the rice and mix well.  cover the lid, let the rice on low flame for 10 minutes, and in this way, you will get perfect fluffy white rice.

How to serve white rice?

You can serve the white rice with soup, and curries such as lentil curries or and chicken curry.

You can make other dishes with white rice such as Biryani, Pulao, or vegetable fried rice. For making these dishes knowing the perfect fluffy white rice recipe is the key.

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