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Sprouted Wheat bread

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Dirum fitti, the sprouted Wheat bread is a traditional dessert of Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral. It is cooked on special occasions like weddings, on a childbirth and Nowruz celebration.

This dessert is made of sprouted wheat flour and hence has the natural sweetness to it like malt Syrup.  It takes literally no time to prepare if we cook in a traditional way. But if you want a crisper crust it takes no more than 5 minutes each side.

There are two ways of serving dirum fitti, one is with oil which includes, almond oil, walnut oil or unsalted butter.

The other way of serving is without any oil. I would say a better and healthier version of serving dirum fitti these days, Since we no more do physical exertion like our elders would while working on fields all day.

Dirum fiti
Dirum fiti/Shoshp, The oily version
Dirum Fitti, The sprouted wheat bread
The non-oily way of serving Dirum Fitti,








The procedure of cooking dirum fitti is very simple but the process of sprouting wheat, drying them and then grinding them to make flour as a final process is very time-consuming.  I will be share that in a separate article later.

Directions for cooking Sprouted Wheat bread:

For dirum fitti shown in video demonstration we used following measurements and procedure of cooking.

  • Knead one cup (the cup that has a 250ml capacity for liquid) sprouted wheat flour with plain water.
  • Dust some flour and roll the dough to circle shape.
  • Preheat the pan on the medium-high heat for about 5 minutes.
  • Put dirum on the heated pan and lower the heat.
  • Cook each side for 5 minutes.

Sprouted Wheat bread tends to stick to the pan, A nonstick pan would be a good option if you don’t feel comfortable handling this. You can watch the trick I used to handle it without break dirum fitti apart.

We can serve it right away or let it cool down and serve later when cold. I personally like the non-oil version of serving and hot dirum fitti.

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