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Vermicelli Recipe

Vermicelli recipe

Vermicelli is a type of pasta, a thinner version of spaghetti. In Pakistan, we call it Seviyan, we use seviyan or vermicelli to make desserts. Sweet vermicelli recipe is a special dessert made on Eid celebrations. We serve Vermicelli dessert hot.  The 2 servings of this simple dessert, vermicelli recipe needs the following ingredients

Vermicelli Recipe Ingredients:

Vermicelli       1/4 packet
Milk                 1 cups
Sugar               1/4 cup
Water               1 cup

Add the water and the sugar to a pan and boil them till the sugar dissolves.

Then, add vermicelli to it and let it cook for a minute. Stir the mixture occasionally till the vermicelli softens.

Next, add the milk and cook the mixture for another 2 minutes.

Serve the delicious sweet vermicelli dessert right away.

We can also add dry fruits to this dessert, but I have kept this recipe simple and healthy and it is best for both kids and elders. This is the perfect way to add milk to their diet.

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