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Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017


Vegetable fried rice recipe

A vegetable fried rice recipe is one of the common Chinese recipes made in every Pakistani home and one of the best dishes to utilize leftover white rice. You can make both vegetarian and non-veg versions of this with the same recipe but skip the meat or egg for the nonveg recipe.  This recipe is best for introducing kids to a variety of vegetables. The key to this recipe is using perfect cold white rice and fresh crunchy vegetables.  This Vegetable fried rice recipe is for two servings, but youRead More

Suji Ki Kheer

Suji ki kheer or semolina dessert is the easiest of all Pakistani dessert recipes. Recipes of Suji Suji ka Halwa There are other desserts also that we make with Sooji or semolina. one such famous dessert is Suii ka halwa, which we make in two different ways, one method gives a grainy texture halwa, and the other method results in a smooth and gooey halwa. For suji ka halwa recipes we use oil almost equal to the amount of semolina we use. therefore, it is an oily dessert. Sooji ki FirniRead More

Perfect fluffy white rice recipe

Perfect fluffy white rice recipe

White rice making is the basics of cooking where rice is a staple food.  We use white rice is in dishes such as Biryani and vegetable fried rice. Therefore, knowing the perfect fluffy white rice recipe is key to make these dishes. The most important part in making rice is choosing the best quality rice and then knowing the cooking time of that rice. Here I am using Basmati rice which I usually use for making Biryani recipes. It requires water double the quantity of rice and when soaked weRead More