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Dried Mustard Greens, Buyam Hoi

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In regions with extreme weather conditions people store food that is grown in abundance in summer season as a

Mustard Greens, Hoi

Mustard Greens, Hoi

preemptive measure for winter season. People of Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan like people in regions of extreme winters do store food for winters. The easiest to store food includes Mustard greens known as Hoi, which after drying them are know as Buyam Hoi. The word buyam means “dried” in Burushaski language of Hunza.

The baby mustard greens that are dried for winters are tastier then the fully-grown dried mustard greens. The mustard greens used in video demonstration are dried baby mustard greens.  There are two main dishes we make with dried mustard greens. one is potatoes and mustard greens and the second dish is dried mustard greens and meat.

Dried mustard greens

Dried mustard greens

For video demonstration of cooking buyam hoi we used following ingredients. 

Dried Mustard greens 2 cups
2 large Potatoes
1 medium sized Onion
Dried chili/Green chilies as per taste
Salt as per taste
Cooking oil 4 tablespoons
Water 2 Cups


In a pan pour enough water for dried mustard greens to immerse. Bring it to boil and add dried mustard greens, buyam hoi and boil for few minutes.
Drain the water and keep it aside.
In an another pan pour 4 tablespoons of cooking oil and saute one sliced onion then add two large potatoes cut

Dried Mustard Greens,Buyam Hoi

Dried Baby Mustard Greens cooked with potatoes

into quarters or cubes. Stir the potatoes for a 2 minutes and then season the them with the salt and dried chilies.

After a minute of mixing pour half a cup of water and cover the lid till the potatoes  softens.
Add the boiled mustard greens and mix well. Add another half cup of water and cover the lid.

Let the potatoes and dried mustard greens, buyam hoi mixture cook through.
Serve cooked dried mustard greens, Buyam Hoi  with khamali/Tortilla and your favorite salad, here I have served it with some scallions and radish which goes best with these vegetable dishes.

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