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supandur and gal

Thomal is a practice exercised in communities living in the northern mountainous region of Pakistan. Thomal basically is a smoke emanating from burning of basic three kinds of dry herbs locally called Supandur seeds, gulgul and Gal (Juniper) leaves. We put gulgul or a mixture of  gal and supandur on the red-hot charcoal on a metal plate. The fragrance of fumes is very pleasant fragrance, this practice has been used for centuries to purify the houses. Naturally, it has medicinal effects and cures certain illnesses that includes sore eyes and infected ears.

Thomal Practice
Thomal Practice

Thomal practice is exercised every Thursday night and is said to bring good souls and angels who bring along the blessings. It is said that this practice set away bad omens and illnesses from a person. This ritual is gradually disappearing and is only limited to remote areas.

Supandur grows on barren lands at lower altitude than Gal & gulgul which are found at high altitude in the meadows. Both are purely organic, sustained by rainwater.

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