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Friday, February 9th, 2018


Wild Thyme tea

Wild Thyme tea has been used in Hunza over centuries as a medicinal herb which is very effective in treating Flu, sore throat, cough and stomach aches. It is a herb that grows on high altitude and is purely organic, people of Hunza specially visit pastures/meadows to collect tumuru, dry and store them. In Hunza Cuisine, we use it in special herbal soup locally famous as Tumuru Dawdo. We brew Wild Thyme to make Wild Thyme tea, it is a herbal tea locally known as Tumuru Chai which now is a famous Hunza HerbalRead More

Dried Mustard Greens Recipe

People in the regions  with extreme weather conditions grow food abundantly in summer season and dry it for the winters. preemptive measure for winter season. People of Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan like people in regions of extreme winters do store food for winters. The easiest to store food includes Mustard greens known as Hoi, which after drying them are known as Buyam Hoi. The word buyam means “dried” in Burushaski language of Hunza. The dried baby mustard greens are tastier than the fully-grown dried mustard greens. The mustard greens I haveRead More