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Buckwheat CrepesBuckwheat Crepe

The only traditional dish I found most tricky is Buckwheat. If you really want the traditional crepe, a crepe that is gluten free, no other flour added to it then you need to be pro at making crepes on a nonstick pan.
The only seasoning, we add to Buckwheat crepe is a pinch of salt. Thus, they are savory, and we eat them with soupy curries unlike the wheat flour crepes (Giyalling) which we eat with tea and they are brush with oily before we eat them. The wheat flour Crepe we make are beautiful brown, but the buckwheat crepes are dark brown to almost black in color and tastes a bit bitter.

Buckwheat Benefits
Source:   Buckwheat Benefits

Benefits of Buckwheat includes:

It is gluten free thus it is good for people with gluten allergy (Coeliac Patients).
Iron in Buckwheat is beneficial for anemia patients.
Zinc with iron together in buckwheat can helps strengthens immune system.
Selenium in Buckwheat prevents diabetes.
Rutin in Buckwheat help strengthen capillary walls.

Tools to make crepes in Hunza and Gilgit Baltistan:
A flat pan
A bowl
wooden turner

Buckwheat Crepe Ingredients:

The ingredients are those we used in Hunza to make a gluten free healthy crepe.


  • In a bowl pour some water.
  • Add buckwheat flour in batch while stirring the mixture and make a thin batter.
  • Add salt to taste before making a crepe.

The pan should be warm enough but not too much hot else you will not get a crepe but a lump of Uncooked batter. The traditional crepe is made on a flat pan which is not supposed to be a non-stick and cooked on firewood.

We eat buckwheat crepes with any soupy. It can be a meat and turnip soup, Apricot kernel sauce, black lentil curry or any type of curry that has some amount of soupy touch to it. This is the traditional way of serving buckwheat crepe, but you can eat it anyway you like.

Note: If you want to read more about Buckwheat read this :Buckwheat in Karakorum and Hindukush 

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