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Hunza Homemade Noodles Laqsha

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Khamali is the staple of Hunza Cuisine and hence they eat and want to eat it with every dish, they eat them with rice too. Yeah, with rice 😊. People of Hunza love Khamali so much that they tried to use it in soups with some modifications and came up with the Hunza homemade noodles locally known as Laqsha. This is only my guess and opinion and the story can be a bit different.

Hunza Homemade noodles are used in traditional Chapchy dawdo, tumuru dawdo(Wild thyme soup) which is a famous herbal soup for cold, cough  and flu remedy. Traditionally it was made with organic wheat flour but now it is made with any flour available on hand.

Ingredients for Hunza Homemade Noodles Laqsha:  

Serving: 01

Flour preferably whole wheat flour   1 ½ cups

Water                                120ml

Salt (optional)                      per taste

Directions of Making Hunza Homemade Noodles Laqsha:Flatbread for Hunza homemade noodles laqsha

Add dry ingredients into a bowl and mix.

Hand knead the mixture and the dough should not be too soft. It should be slightly hard.

With above measurements you will get a small size dough ball. Roll it to circular shape with a rolling pin.

Women of Hunza cut this in a variety of ways. I will show you just two ways of cutting Laqsha.

  1. Slightly dust the circular dough and fold it around the rolling pin. with a sharp and dry knife cut the rolled dough along the length of rolling pin.

2.Fold the circular dough into half after dusting it. spread some more flour on the half upper side. Fold it to make           a triangle. Start cutting it from the triangle tip along the width of the triangle.







Do not use a wet knife.
You should not use too much flour between the layers else you come up with uncooked curry like thing and  not soup.
Do not use a very soft dough and don’t leave the dough to rest before using it.

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