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How to cook perfect fluffy white rice

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White rice making is one of the basics of cooking in cuisines where rice is a staple food but learning how to cook perfect fluffy white rice is a bit tricky in a sense that it takes special cooking time and a bit attention while cooking.
The most important part in making of rice is choosing the best rice and then knowing the cooking time of that particular rice.Here i am using Basmati rice which I usually use for making Biryani recipe. Which requires water double the quantity of rice and when soaked we can skip quarter of the total quantity of water.

For making this fluffy rice I used 4 ingredients and you can skip only one of these ingredients that is salt.The quantity I used is for 2 servings .


1 1/2 cups Basmati Rice

4 cups  water

salt to taste

1tbs cooking oil


Put the 4 cups of water on medium heat and when it is about to boil wash the rice.wash them well till the water is clear .

When the water starts to boil vigorously add salt to taste and add the washed rice and stir to mix and avoid sticky of rice.

Drain the water when the rice is slightly under cooked and make sure you left a tablespoon of water in the pan.

Pour  a tablespoon of cooking oil to the rice and mix well and then cover the lid,let the rice on low flame for 10 minutes and this is how you end up making the perfect fluffy white rice.

How to serve white rice?

White rice can be served with soup, and curry such as lentil curry or and chicken curry .

White rice can be used to make variety of other dishes such as Biryani and vegetable fried rice. for these recipes knowing How to cook perfect fluffy white rice is most important.

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