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Thursday, December 1st, 2016


Cooking broad beans

Cooking broad beans

The broad beans, Bukak are among the favorite and one of the most common items we cook and share with family and friends at the Nowruz Festival in Hunza.  Cooking broad beans has two simple steps. soaking and boiling them. The best quality broad beans are grown in Skardu, Baltistan Pakistan.  They grew different varieties of broad beans, the black, brown, and greenish-black broad beans. Every year on the 21st of March every year we celebrate the beginning of spring as a new year with special gatherings of our community and family.Read More

How to grow lentil sprouts at home

Many of you would wonder, how to grow lentil sprouts at home. Well, growing lentil sprouts at home are very easy and does not need too much hard work. They can be consumed on their second day or you can let them grow up to day 5 but then sprouts would have an enhanced earthy flavor which you may not like. Lentil sprouts are highly nutritious and can easily be grown at home. One cup of lentil sprouts serving has a small amount of vitamin A and calcium. They are richRead More