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Hunza Food recipes


Homemade Flour tortilla recipe

Hunza Flatbread Khamali is a staple of Hunza cuisine. It is a basic recipe for everyone learning Hunza traditional cooking. Although there are a variety of flatbread traditional dishes but the thin flatbread is the basic one and made at least 3 times a day.

Whole Wheat Crepes

Hunza Cuisine is rich and has more savory touch to every dish. Hunza Style Dosa,Maltaschy Giyaling recipe is one of many flatbread recipes that exist in Hunza Cuisine. This oily flatbread made with wheat flour has three different variations that include Maltaschy Giyaling, Khalonch’chy Giyaling and Bis’chy Giyaling. Maltas refers to the butter in local language and the giyal made with freshly skimmed butter is called Maltas’chy Giyaling.

Hunza Bread

Hunza bread is considered a vital food item for breakfast in Hunza homes. It leaves one full for almost 6-8 hours. It is made with wheat flour and sometimes one portion of maize flour is added for extra flavour and texture. The Hunza bread is baked in an earthenware pan which is buried in hot ashes. It is usually baked at night and served in the morning with salty tea.

Goat intestines spicy curry

The goat intestines spicy curry is most scrumptious dish Hunzukz(people of Hunza) cook on the day of Youshayas Sheyas. It is a custom of slaughtering an animal in the month of November. The meat is stored and used in winter season for making curry or traditional soups in the whole winter season.

Organic Apricot Juice

organic apricot Juice

Organic apricot Juice is known as chamus in Hunza. Traditionally Organic apricot Juice is made following these simple three steps:
Wash the dreid apricots
soak them in water for few hours.
Rub the soaked organic apricot between the palms of hands.

Cooking broad beans

Cooking broad beans

The broad beans, Bukak are among the favorite and one of the most common items we cook and share with family and friends at the Nowruz Festival in Hunza.  Cooking broad beans has two simple steps. soaking and boiling them. The best quality broad beans are grown in Skardu, Baltistan Pakistan.  They grew different varieties of broad beans, the black, brown, and greenish-black broad beans. Every year on the 21st of March every year we celebrate the beginning of spring as a new year with special gatherings of our community and family.Read More