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Palak Pakora(Spinach fritters) recipe

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Palak Pakora(Spinach fritters) recipe is quick and easy but it is not a whole meal recipe but a crunchy spicy snack that goes well with tea in cold winters. It is considered one of the most famous snack in Indian subcontinent. It is one of the main side dishes made during fasting month of Ramadan. The ingredients for fritters recipe can vary,the spinach can be replaced with potatoes, only onions, only chilies or any other vegetable or even mix all the above . The main features of a fritters are the savory taste, spiciness and the crunchiness. The ingredients I have used here are

• Shredded spinach
• Onions
• Green chilies
• Grated potatoes
• Oil for deep frying
• Salt to taste
• Gram flour/chickpea flour as binding agent
• Water to get desired consistency

In a large bowl mix all the vegetables. Add salt and red chili powder if you like more spicy fritters. Stir the mixture well and add gram flour little by little to make a dough like consistency. It is not supposed to be hard so add few drops of water and again mix it. When the mixture reaches a point where you can easily make small balls of the mixture stop adding gram flour. Mold the batter to the ball shape and deep fry the on medium heat. Take the Palak Pakora(Spinach fritters) out on a paper towel,it absorbs the excess oil.
Spinach fritters tastes best when served hot with tomato ketchup or any spicy sauce and tea

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