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Four Traditional Hunza Breakfast Breads

Hunza breakfast is incomplete without having at latest one of these four Traditional Hunza Breakfast Bread types and the salty tea. Hunza people drink salty tea with ginger and pepper spice. It is a must breakfast drink in Hunza homes with the traditional breakfast breads we make. The Four Traditional Hunza Breakfast Breads includes, Hunza Bread, Giyaling, Sheshar, Khamali and Makai Chapati.

Hunza Bread
The most common bread loved by Hunza people elders and children alike is Fiti or Phiti famous as Hunza Bread.

As a child I loved eating fiti for every meal. I remember eating it for breakfast, taking a loaf of bread to school and then i used to eat it again after coming back from school. I would even eat it with evening tea at 4 pm and then sometimes for dinner too. Too much bread, right? Yeah, it was my childhood favorite.

hunza bread
Guray Fiti (Wheat Flour Bread)


Giyal is one of the traditional breakfast item which can more like a crepe. Giyaling is coated with a generous amount of oil before serving. The oil we traditionally use is walnut oil, apricot oil or fresh butter. You can say it is a lavish kind of breakfast you would find in Hunza Cuisine.



Sheshar is a traditional bread of Hunza that is deep fried and has another variation famous as Arzoq around Gilgit-Baltistan. We cook Sheshar and Arzoq in large quantity and store them in a carton and we consume them them for up to a week in Winters.



Sheshar and Arzoq
Sheshar and Arzoq

It is a simple flour tortilla. We eat this with butter and salty tea in breakfast. On weddings it is a common practice to serve the bride and groom with Burum hanik which is a traditional thin large round khamali with butter.

Hunza Flour tortilla, Khamali
Hunza Flour tortilla, Khamali

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