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Fenugreek Soup Recipe

Hunza cuisine has always been simple and healthy. Fenugreek Soup Recipe is one of the best examples of the simplest and healthiest recipes.

Dried methi/fenugreek was among those on hand cooking item available all year round in Hunza kitchens. The trend is shifting, and this scrumptious dish has become less known item nowadays. Fenugreek /methi is called Sikarkuch in Burushaski language of Hunza. The fenugreek Soup is made with dried, powdered form of fenugreek.  The dried powdered form of  fenugreek is locally called Sikarkuch’e Dagowang. It is easy to make and is one of the simplest dishes.

Except for the roots, we utilize every single bit of fenugreek. For instance, we only use the stem part of fenugreek plant, which we dry and grind to powdered form to make delicious fenugreek soup. We cook fresh  leaves and tender stems of fenugreek plant with meat or potatoes and we also dry them separately and store them for winters.

Servings (1)


Dried methi powder 4 tbsp.
Wheat flour 2 tbsp.
Onion 1 small
Chili 1 small
Salt to taste
Water 1 1/2 Cups
Cooking oil 2 tbsp.

Fenugreek Soup Recipe


Into a pan add 2 tablespoons of cooking oil and sliced onion. When the onions turn brown, add chopped chilies. Once you feel the aromatics of chilies than add the water to it. Cover the lid and let it boil.
When the mixture starts to boil, add the wheat flour and fenugreek powder mixture gradually. Keep stirring while add the fenugreek powder. It takes under 5 minutes to cook this soup. The fenugreek soup should have dropping consistency. The soup gets thicker when it cooked longer therefore, don not leave it unattended.

How to eat Sikar-Kuch/fenugreek soup?

Add Hunza flatbread bite-size pieces into a bowl or a plate and pour the soup over it. Eat it with a spoon or with your fingers. Hunza traditional practice is to eat with your hands and licking the fingers after each bite. Hence, the best practice is to serve Hunza fenugreek Soup is to serve when it is hot enough to handle because it gets thick when cooled down.

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