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Cornbread Crumbs with Walnut Oil

Cornbread Crumbs with Walnut Oil
  1. Cornbread  has two variations. One variation is the thin corn bread locally known as Makai Chapati in Hunza.
cornbread crumbs, chamurki

Cornbread Crumbs, Chamurki

The second variation is the thick bread known as Makai fiti and is baked in an earthenware pot in hot ashes. Cornbread Crumbs with walnut oil is a great traditional recipe of Hunza for winter season. This dish is locally known as Chamurki in local Hunza language. It has many variations, for Instance, the bread can be replaced with the famous Hunza bread or Hunza Flatbread, Khamali.  It is usually served in breakfast with salty tea. The walnut oil can be replaced with freshly skimmed butter, apricot oil, and almond oil to get the traditional Hunza food flavour.


 Corn bread

Baked Hunza Cornbread,Makai fiti


  • Maize/sweet corn flour
  • cooking oil/butter
  • water
  • salt
  • Walnut oil


Mix the dry ingredients together and knead it to make a soft dough.

Take a small part of dough and make a thin circular

stove top cooked thin cornbread,Makai Chapati

Thin version of cornbread ,Makai Chapati

shaped tortilla with a rolling pin. Cook it on stove top on a pan. Keep the flame low and let it cook through and becomes crisp.

Once the bread is ready crush it while it is still warm to make crumbs, damp the crumbs with walnut oil, sprinkle a pinch of salt over it, mix well and enjoy with salty tea.

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