Hunza Homemade Noodles Laqsha
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Hunza Homemade Noodles Laqsha

Khamali is the staple of Hunza Cuisine and hence they eat and want to eat it with every dish, they eat them with rice too. Yeah, with rice 😊. People of Hunza love Khamali so much that they tried to use it in soups with some modifications and came up with the Hunza homemade noodles […]

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Shuwanchal is a vegetable that is grown in Hunza and around Gilgit Baltistan from spring to late summers. It is a beautiful leafy vegetable with vibrant green color. Unlike vegetables like Hoi we do not dry this vegetable for winter season. It tastes best when it is stir fried with onion. Shuwanchal looks similar to […]

Wild Thyme soup
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Wild Thyme Soup

Wild Thyme is known as Tumuru in Burushaski language of Hunza and we use it to make tumuru tea in winter which is best natural flu remedy i have experienced so far. This wild thyme soup is one of the thyme recipes we make and is known as tumuru dawdo which is beneficial for flu […]

Buckwheat Flour

Buckwheat Crepes

Buckwheat Crepes The only traditional dish I found most tricky is Buckwheat. If you really want the traditional crepe, a crepe that is gluten free, no other flour added to it then you need to be pro at making crepes on a nonstick pan. The only seasoning, we add to Buckwheat crepe is a pinch […]

traditional Hunza breakfast breads
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Traditional Hunza Breakfast Breads

Traditional Hunza Breakfast Breads Hunza breakfast is incomplete without having at latest one of these four Traditional Hunza Breakfast Bread types and the salty tea. Hunza people drink salty tea with ginger and pepper spice. It is a must breakfast drink in Hunza homes with the traditional breakfast breads we make. The Traditional Hunza Breakfast […]

Hunza Cream of wheat
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Hunza style Bhature or Deep fried paratha also known as Shesar is a fluffy yeast bread which is deep fried and is popular recipe among the people of Hunza. It is made with wheat flour and the dough for this recipe is same as it is for the baked Hunza bread recipe.